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The vintage mens magazines have made a come back. More than 80 years ago what did great granddad read? What did men discuss the most. Mens magazines have come a long way. The range is mind blowing – one can get exclusive gay mens magazines, adult mens magazines, mens girlie magazines and mens fitness magazines and free mens magazines.

The mens fashion magazines offer latest trends and interviews with the top designers and studios catering to the new fashions. They also cover new super models that have entered the fashion scene. British mens magazines have features that interest the alpha male and the metrosexual today. The best mens magazines often also give relationship advice; cover interesting articles on sports, business and other things men like to read. One can find classic girlie mags for men too. The mens online magazines display girlie mags that dominated in the early 50s and 60s. They are far different from the popular mens magazines today. The society has changed and so have the tastes. The top mens magazines now focus on fitness, eating habits and how they can be achievers. Even the current mens fashion magazines do not fail to address issues of being motivated, looking good in office, dealing with women, bosses and colleagues.
The mens magazines UK also cover a wide range of issues that affect the men today. They have entertainment reviews, fashion advice, political talks, rich and famous interviews and how to deal with family and office successfully. The mens magazines online cater to issues for men of all ages. Browse the online mens magazines to know how you can get subscription and keep in touch with topics of your interest. The Australian mens magazines cover several niche genres like golfing, fishing, boating, cars, beer bikes, and PlayStation.

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