Women’s Magazines

Glamour USA April 2015

Maxim USA March 2015

Allure USA January 2015

Marie Claire UK April 2015

Vogue AU March 2015

About Women’s Magazines

The role of publications for women has been considered as historical records of how the gender has been treated over the ages. An important sector that is catered for in every society is the health and fashion sector. Many women fashion magazines have continued for decades. Other than that, some cater to distinct groups and cultures like the Christian women magazines or age group like the magazines for women over 40 or depending on culture like black women magazines. There are also issues for much older women like magazines for women over 50.

When it comes to magazines for older women issues, topics from health, spirituality, profession and career, relationships become important. Even in these issues, women in magazines dominate the covers, and behind the scenes like editorial and reporting. However, the most popular and in demand are the top women magazines for fitness, childcare, fashion and wedding for the readers. With ladies wishing to look nice always, the number of fitness magazines for women have increased.

How does one know which are the best magazines for women? Look for them online and check the numerous titles that are doing well on the newsstands and their digital version. All magazines for women eventually celebrate their feminity and liberty to expand their horizons. Various editors down the years have become iconic and famous for the choice of articles that are picked for the readers. They have been able to shape the mindset of many generations of readers. Several empowered editors command respect as they cover topics that are echoed by their gender through the ages. They cover women who otherwise would have remained unsung. They let their articles speak. With the advent of the digital age, the choice of various opportunities for women has increased. They can work, travel and have better relationships.

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